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Valerio Coffee



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One pound.

Notes of Almond, Cashew, Dark Chocolate.

  • CUPPING: Dark chocolate, bright citrus, maple syrup, medium body and balanced acidity
  • ROAST: Medium
  • REGION: Chontail, Cajamarca
  • PROCESS: Fully washed and sun dried
  • VARIETALS: Tipica, Bourbon, Caturra
  • HARVEST: April – September
  • ALTITUDE: 3,400 – 5,900 feet

I'm so excited about this coffee! Peru has long been in the shade of coffee-producing countries like Brazil and Colombia, but as the thousands of tiny coffee farmers have united to form co-ops, Peru has emerged as one of the world's largest suppliers of high quality, fair trade organic coffee.

Coffee is an agricultural commodity, and it has seasons that vary depending on where the coffee is grown. One of the biggest appeals of Peruvian coffee is its season – typically harvested from April to September – which balances out the calendar for other coffee regions.

Freshness really matters for coffee, and most folks don’t realize how short the shelf life for optimum flavor is, but it matters to me. My selection will vary over the course of a year based on what's fresh and drinking the best. I might offer fresh Peruvian coffee part of the year and round out the calendar with a coffee from Nicaragua when Peruvian is out of season.

I chose a medium roast for this beautifully balanced coffee, and the citrus, dark chocolate, and maple notes shine through in a seriously delicious cup of coffee.

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