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Valerio Coffee



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One pound.

Notes of Milk Chocolate, Floral.

  • CUPPING: Sweet, clean cup, medium body, citrus acidity with milk chocolate and a flora finish
  • ROAST: Light
  • REGION: Ocotepeque, Western Honduras
  • PROCESS: Fully washed and sun dried
  • VARIETALS: Pacas, Catuai, Caturra
  • HARVEST: November – March
  • ALTITUDE: 4,900 – 5,500 feet

The only thing I love more than buying exceptional coffee is buying exceptional coffee from great people. Roberto Isaias Salazar paid me a visit a couple of years ago, and being a part of the good work he's doing in Honduras makes every sip of coffee taste a little richer.

Roberto is the founder and general manager of Cooperative Cafetalera Ecologica, a co-op that's transforming both the quality of coffee and the quality of life for the more than 300 members who own small farms and grow beans in Honduras. In addition to pooling resources for growing and transporting beans and training farmers in methods for improving coffee quality, the co-op has also provided health and dental care for the farmers and their families.

I chose a light roast for this medium-bodied coffee, so the clean citrus, floral, and milk chocolate flavors shine through, much like the important work Roberto Salazar is doing for his co-op of family farmers.

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